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1. The blood found under the victim's nails was from an unidentified female, but the state did not conduct further testing to determine its owner.

2. Andy McCauley's DNA was not found at the crime scene or near the body.

3. According to the state's forensic expert, the drywall in the work truck was not a match to the drywall found on the body.the drywall mud was drastically different.

4. The human remains detection dog handler stated that even something as simple as a small cut, tampon, or dental floss could trigger the dog's alert.

5. Riley's room was only about 4 feet away from her mother's room throughout the night.

6. Riley texted that Andy was in her room around 11:03 pm, with her mother just 4 feet away, and continued texting until after midnight.

7. Phone records, which showed that Riley called her choir teacher around 11:51 pm, were not presented in court but were mentioned in police reports and interviews.

8. Riley's last Snapchat log-in was from her boyfriend's phone, but he had access to her account and even posted on her Instagram. All of Riley's social media messages were deleted.

9. The rash on Andy's belly was not a cut, as Chantel had bought cream for it and it was sitting on the dresser. However, she did not mention this and allowed them to believe it was scratches. Furthermore, if Andy was scratched …. Why is it female dna not mail under the nails and Andy’s nails did not have her dna under them either .

10. Sperm found on the bed in Riley's room was deemed irrelevant and not presented in court, despite belonging to a family member who was home all night.

  1. 3 water bottles at the crime scene were not tested or put in the evidence list .

  2. Discrepancies in the crime scene photos that were kept from trial

  3. Jail informant was arrested on trespassing and 3rd degree sexual assault and it was never revealed . He now changed his last name from Mongold to Kaperinsky and is not registered as a sex offender under either name.

  4. No change of venue was granted even after doing a social poll and seeing 51% already found him guilty before trial due to media coverage.

  5. Court Tv implied guilt before the trial even took place painting him as a monster.

  6. The home (crime scheme ) was tore down before trial) which was owned by Chantels boss and long time famiky friend who is also best friends or close long time friends with the judges husband .

7. The person that claims she saw Andy’s truck claimed in her first statement that it was a dark truck could have been blue she wasn’t sure but it looked like it had white letters or a sign on the side. She also said it has rails and couldn’t remeber if it was a king cab . Testimony was very different then her police report statement.


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Free Andy McCauley Jr. 
Hebrews 13:3 ERV

Don’t forget those who are in prison. Remember them as though you were in prison with them. And don’t forget those who are suffering. Remember them as though you were suffering with them.

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