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Huge Milestone in Andy’s case!!!! They see that it’s wrong

Advocating works 😉




N.P.A. is excited to announce West Virginia's Supreme Court of Appeals has issued an ORDER granting Andy McCauley Oral Arguments before the Justice's on the issues presented in his Direct Appeal challenging the wrongful murder conviction that was secured against him in November of 2021 in Morgan County West Virginia.

Oral Arguments involving a murder conviction are a rare procedure in the West Virginia Supreme Court, When the Justice's granted Andy McCauley oral arguments it showed the appearance of his having viable claims that support his conviction being overturned and demands attention.

Oral Arguments are granted under one of two of the West Virginia rules of Appellate Procedure which explains to a!learned litigator exactly what the Supreme Court is delving into which constitutes a conviction being overturned.

Rule 19 arguments address cases involving insufficiency of evidence, errors in the lower courts applications of law, abuse of discretion and narrow issues of law.

Rule 20;arguments address cases of first impression involving the public importance and constitutional questions of statutes and lower court rulings that are inconstant with other decisions in similar matter.

Mr. McCauley was granted Oral Arguments under Rule 19 and shows the West Virginia Supreme Court's Justice's are looking seriously into his wrongful convictions being grounded on insufficient evidence and the trial court's abusing it's discretion in applying law, All show a direct relativity to insufficient evidence.

Andy McCauley's actual innocence claim has merit, It needs emphasized that Oral Arguments are not an entitlement and the Supreme Court has never granted oral arguments lightly, Without a clear showing of merit the Justice's would have never considered entertaining the formal proceedings to allow Mr. McCauley and the State the opportunity to present the arguments.

Generally Oral Arguments are limited to ten minutes, Mr. McCauley's counsel will open, concisely citing the laws and authorities that support his wrongful murder conviction being vacated, The State then gets ten minutes to present the argument in opposition to the conviction being overturned and must cite law and authorities to support their position.

The formal proceedings are very stringent and no Lawyer is allowed to read or cite from a script or notes, Oral Arguments before the West Virginia Supreme Court Justice's is not for the unlearned or timid Attorney's, Arguments are presented only by memory and knowledge of law, A remarkable procedure that often sets precedent, Oral Arguments are not to he taken lightly, this is a serious matter deserving of the Public's Awareness!

"On any criminal case, A guilty verdict will not be set aside on the ground that it is contrary to the evidence, To warrant interference with a guilty verdict on a ground of insufficient evidence, The Supreme Court MUST be convinced that the evidence was manifestly inadequate and that consequent injustice was done to the Defendant" This is the law set out in Syllabus point 1 of State V. Starkey (1978) and recited in the Wrongful Murder Conviction of Mayo which was reversed in 1994 under the insufficient evidence standard.

It goes without question Andy McCauley is being afforded the formal Oral Arguments under rule 19 where the Supreme Court Justice's have found the clear appearance of insufficient evidence to support the conviction that was secured solely with circumstantial evidence that was inaccurate, false and unsupported by any degree of reasonableness or inculpatory evidence.

National Public Awareness will attend the Oral Argument proceedings in support of Mr. McCauley's Wrongful Murder Conviction

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