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Reasonable Doubt

It is crucial to ensure that the correct individual is held accountable for the crimes committed in our country. When DNA evidence is disregarded, it raises concerns about the justice system's failure to consider significant evidence that could potentially create reasonable doubt. The concept of reasonable doubt has always been a source of confusion. Allow me to provide a definition: reasonable doubt encompasses any reason to question the prosecution's attempts to prove its case. If a juror has any doubts about any aspect of the prosecution's case, it is considered reasonable doubt, and that juror should vote not guilty.

Considering this definition, it is perplexing how the jury did not perceive reasonable doubt in the presence of female blood under the victim's nails, sperm on the victim's bed that excludes Andy McCauley Jr., and the discrepancy between the drywall mud found on the body and the drywall in the truck bed. Furthermore, there was no specific cause or exact time of death, not to mention the absence of any signs of a motive. It was suggested that the motive was sexually driven, which is untrue. If it were sexually motivated, it would not implicate Andy. Andy's DNA was not found on the body, in the room, or on the truck bed. Therefore, the only evidence that could potentially indicate a sexually motivated crime was the sperm, which was proven to not belong to Andy McCauley. Another male was implicated but deliberately withheld from public knowledge. If only a juror would reach out to me, I could inquire as to why they disregarded the scientific evidence. I assure you that the trial was highly flawed. Let us hope that the actual perpetrator, who remains at large, does not repeat such actions. Stay safe out there! The wrong person has been accused.


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1. The blood found under the victim's nails was from an unidentified female, but the state did not conduct further testing to determine its owner. 2. Andy McCauley's DNA was not found at the crime sce

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Free Andy McCauley Jr. 
Hebrews 13:3 ERV

Don’t forget those who are in prison. Remember them as though you were in prison with them. And don’t forget those who are suffering. Remember them as though you were suffering with them.

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