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Welcome to the Free Andy McCauley Jr. campaign. We won't rest until we've secured his freedom with DNA evidence that will finally clear his name. Stand with us and fight for justice for someone who has been unfairly convicted.

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“No one should ever be wrongfully deprived of their rights to liberty and freedom without just cause, yet in the past 25 years alone thousands of people have been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to tens of thousands of years in prison.”
― Bernard B. Kerik, From Jailer to Jailed: My Journey from Correction and Police Commissioner to Inmate #84888-054

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fighting to free Andy McCauley Jr.

 This site will keep you updated on information that is relevant in this case that somehow was overlooked. This site will show you the reasonable doubt that the jury should have seen during trial and help to find true justice in this terrible crime. We will be adding more information and features soon. Stay tune and be sure to follow us on social media. Just click links at the top of this page  to be directed to our social media sites. Please be sure to subscribe at the bottom of the page. Donations are greatly appreciated when you hit the donate link you will be taken to his fundraising campaign. Thank you! 

Address 17602 17th st Suite 102 #330Tustin Ca 92780

Free Andy McCauley Jr. 
Hebrews 13:3 ERV

Don’t forget those who are in prison. Remember them as though you were in prison with them. And don’t forget those who are suffering. Remember them as though you were suffering with them.

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